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“We know for sure how your relationships will developing with a partner who matches you in 1, 3 or 5 years.


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Compatibility is Key of Success!

We believe in Love, but we also believe that Compatibility is what Makes all the Difference on the Long-Run.

World’s First Compatibility Test

“Compatibility Index”.

Talia Stern, a Psychologist, and Experienced Relationship Compatibility Coach have formed the World’s First Personality Compatibility Test “Compatibility Index” that will tell you exactly who you are compatible with.

🔸 Imagine going on a date, and all you have to do is be yourself.

🔸 You knew the type of conflicts you’d have in the future and how you can naturally solve them.

🔸 Predicting the scenario of the development of relationships so you get the full support you need in your personal and work life.

44% of couples ended their marriages because of Incompatibility, making them grow apart with time because of their preferences.

Our test Analyzes over 120 characteristics of yours that is based on your character, desire and unique preferences and recommends real compatible people that naturally suit you the best.

We truly create happy and powerful couples!


of our Customers found their Soulmate on the First Date

Imagine going out on a date and all you have to do is be yourself.

Compatible Couple means

Compatible Values

Your go to a date with a person who naturally understands you, who is able to appreciate such of your qualities that seem like a weakness for other people.

Compatible Reactions

You do not need to pretend or tolerate. You will naturally respect and appreciate the person with whom you are dating.


Compliance with Expectations

You go on a date with a person who meets your standards of decency, care, kindness, charisma, sexuality, reliability, romance, punctuality, etc.

Why Our Couples Are Happy?

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