Our Mission

Helping people create the happy couple using the Compatibility Index.

Increase the number of happy families and make them stronger, helping people understand and prevent the causes of conflicts.

We match couples by looking into their future!

We started from the end with the analysis of the causes of conflicts, which lead to the rupture of relations.

Analyzing the causes of these conflicts among married couples, Talia Stern identified more than 120 compatibility criteria and developed the world’s first Compatibility Index method, which makes it possible to reliably predict the compatibility of two specific persons and the development scenario of their relationships even before they meet each other.

We brought this knowledge to the very beginning – by matching couples we really look into their future! That is why we do know how relations in the pairs we have created will develop in a year, in three or more.

Our Story

Our team leader Talia Stern is a very open person, who is really outbox thinking, able to find a solution in the most extraordinary situation. Human relations for her are the highest value. And her mission is helping people find a common language in any situation. Her charisma helps people overcome any difficulties. She’s a practitioner and a magnet for positive emotions.

Talia is focused on the result whatever she does. She is a woman with an increased sense of responsibility, a perfectionist, observant, ready to help, even in the most desperate situation.

More than 20 years Talia does her private practice as a professional psychologist and coach. She worked with people of different social levels and incomes, different nationalities and different countries. The main topic of her work is interpersonal relations and family counseling. During her work, she helped and made happy more than 4,000 people.

Talia developed a solution how to prevent many problems which couples meet during their family life.

Talia has identified more than 120 criteria of compatibility persons for a happy life together. Comparison of those criteria from two different people show the potential causes of their conflicts in the future in their life together. This makes it possible to reliably predict the scenario of the development of relations between those two people.

In 2016, it was created a team to make this solution available outside of Talia’s personal consultation. The Life Partners Research project was launched and resulted in the development of approach called “Compatibility Index”.

We constantly continue work to improve and supplement this approach considering the change of generations and the speed of life.

The “Compatibility Index” allows us to answer the question for two people who never knew each other before “What are the prospects for the development of their relations?” Where will they lead to?”

The “Compatibility Index” allows us to find causes for conflicts in existing pairs as well and show them the way how to overcome it.

The new Project “Happiness Virus” – International Matchmaking Company was launched in 2017 in Vienna as a logical continuation of Life Partners Research Project.



Our Team

Talia Stern

Talia Stern

Co-Founder, Visioner

Andrew Murin, M.D.

Andrew Murin, M.D.


Kristin Kurz

Kristin Kurz


Olga Sahraoui

Olga Sahraoui

Event Director, New York, Amsterdam, Vienna

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