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The exclusive style of our work is that we are looking for you the compatible partner, with whom you have also started chemistry before you saw each other for the first time on a date at a table cozy café or through the screen.

Thanks to the unique depth of analysis in the “Compatibility Index” – 96% of our customers have found their soulmate on the first date and refused to go out on a date with other people.

In addition to our main #1 Matchmaking Service, we offer additional services #2-#5 to bring you as many benefits as possible.


#1 Intelligent Matchmaking Service

Based on 20 years of experience and scientific research, we have developed our own “Compatibility Index” (CI) approach, which helps us to bring the maximum benefits to our customers.

We do not guess – we know for sure who is exactly right for you.

#2 Coaching Service

CI Test allows you to make an internal audit to identify contradictions and scenario development of relations.
Passing through personalized training you get maximum benefit from our work.
You will get answers to the main questions:

  • Why am I alone?
  • Why am I unhappy?
  • Why I choose those with whom I am not compatible?
  • Why I have the contradiction between what I expect from a partner and what I receive in real life.

You get real skills that you will use in your life:

  1. An assured and comfortable understanding of themselves.
  2. Victory over fear and jealousy.
  3. Charisma.
  4. Confident communication with the opposite gender.

#3 Support Service

From the first minute you sign a contract, we become partners with you.
We go hand in hand with you throughout the development of the relationship with your partner, starting with the preparation of the first date scenario, booking a table in a cozy restaurant and as long as you need our assistance.
Includes phone calls, message handling.
Individual programs for people with children.
Professional help for couples with an intercultural difference.
Support when moving to another country.

#4 Style Service

You remain yourself, but you are presented to the world at your best!
A professional stylist, make-up artist, and hairdresser will help you to select your style which you will feel comfortable and confident.

#5 Photo and Video Shooting Service

A professional photographer will make your ideal portfolio where you shine like a star. Or capture the beautiful moments you want to keep.

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